My Provocative Proposition

My Premise and My Question:

Consciousness is evolving at lightning speed.

What if it was possible to understand each person’s perspective and soul and use what is emerging from each person’s life to grow universal peace, love, understanding, and beauty?

My Provocative Proposition for My Life

My work and life have grown from a seed and a glimmer of understanding that each person’s life is a beautiful piece of fabric that is unique and colorful in the quilt of humanity. Our world needs each perspective, each color, every texture, every thread to create the strength, the creativity, and the resilience of the human race. I am a thought leader and an explorer in this quest. I am a pathfinder. It is my job to discover the wisdom in every individual that I encounter, in order to unleash the deepest purpose for living and evolve the human spirit. I will bring life to this provocative proposition every day of my life, through my roles as mother, wife, worker, friend, and life-long quester.